gimme a break


Other things I forgot to take out of Kuro before I left him at the repair shop? My day job ID card, which lets me into my building. The keys to my desk.

Temporary ID was supposed to be coded to let me into my building, but it apparently wasn’t, so it didn’t. I had to wait until someone came by to let me in.

Kuro is supposed to be ready tomorrow. Please, please, please….

Mirrored from Kristine Smith.

OMG, I am you and you are I. I left my car at the dealer's shop Friday and handed them ALL THE KEYS which meant that after my girlfriend (who came and got me at the dealer's) and I got back from our round of errands, which included grocery-buying, I couldn't get into my house. I was lucky, though; my sis-in-law who has a set of my house keys, lives just a few blocks away and was home.

But the chagrin, it burns!
If I had left my house keys as well, I think I might have lost it.

The problem with having driven the same vehicle for almost 11 years is that anything else feels weird. Perfectly nice car, the loaner is, but I feel like I'm wearing someone else's clothes.
Agreed, but I like it. And it usually inspires me to clean out my car when I get it back. It always needs it.