Dreamwidth question

So, has anyone linked their DW account with their main/Wordpress/website blog?
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Not yet, but that's because my main site is still down. :p
Right now, when I post on Dreamwidth, it mirrors on LJ, and when I post on Wordpress, it mirrors on LJ, and also winds up at DW. Ideally, I would like the chain to go WP to DW to LJ, then on to Twitter and Facebook.
[Reposting; the first attempt had too many links and got marked as spam.]

My LJ Crossposter plugin for WordPress (search for LJ-XP) should work equally well with Dreamwidth. I confess I have not tried it. Assuming that part works, I would set it up like this:

WordPress to Dreamwidth using LJ-XP
Dreamwidth to LJ using DW's built-in crossposting tools
WordPress to Twitter and Facebook using Jetpack (by; the most reliable plugin I have found to handle both at once)

If LJ-XP does not work with Dreamwidth, let me know and I'll see if I can fix it.