Just another day

It’s been almost a week since King passed. Time goes so quickly.

I was picking through photographs, and found my favorite picture of him. Dad was still alive, which means it was taken in Fall 2001 or 2002, which in turn means that King was either 8 months or a year and a half old. He was bounding around the backyard as Dad and I raked leaves. I was toting the camera in hopes of getting a good photo, and took a short break just as King decided to check out the pile I had just raked. He sniffed the leaves, then plopped down in the middle of them and stayed there as they filled in around him.

Puppy in the leaves

Gaby seems fine–she’s eating, playful. Earlier in the week, she would hesitate and look around when I offered her a treat. It seemed to me that maybe she was wondering where King was. She doesn’t appear to be moping or quiet. I took her for a walk this morning, and she was so excited–nose to the ground the entire time…except when she spotted the deer. She really wanted to give chase.

Taking her to the boarding kennel for her temperament check tomorrow. She will be there for a good chunk of the day, which means I will be Solo Kris for the first time in months. I have plenty to do–errands, grocery shopping. The usual chores. But it’s going to feel weird.

I hope things go well. I would really like her to have the chance to play with other dogs every so often.

Mirrored from Kristine Smith.

So cute...he looks more 8 months than 18 months to me, but then I didn't see him coming along. But he doesn't seem to have that commanding "I AM the KING" look of other pictures I've seen.

I'm glad Gaby's doing well. I know it's hard on you, though. It's a good thing you're planning your next moves. Thinking of you today as I rode the bike in the drizzle..."Would be fun if Kris were here," I thought. It was fun anyway, but for the water all over my glasses.

King was very gangly as a youngster, skinny with long legs. Wide-eyed and manic. No royal reserve at all. When I have time, I'll update the website with a couple of the photos I found.

I pick up his ashes tomorrow.

Fussing after Gaby is taking my mind off things. Planning out the next year. Brain slides past the sad and settles on fun things, although it does sneak up on me every so often.

I wonder if something like Rain-X works on glasses? It might mess up the various coatings, so I would probably try it on an old, old pair first.

Thanks--it was one of those serendipitous moments. I f I had tried to get him to sit in the leaf pile, it never would have worked.
Aw, you gave him such a fun and love-filled life. What a precious photo.

Interesting point about the Rain-X. I'd be interested to learn the answer.