Saturday drive-by

Actually, a sit-by, as I’m sitting in my cool–in temp, not decor–living room, trying out my new headphones. Bose, not the noise-canceling ones, but the next lower model. A rewards gift from my credit union credit card. Really comfy.

I love my credit union.

Watching Raiders of the Lost Ark. I do like that movie, but someone refresh my memory–are there any Spielberg films where women are more than ancillary screamers/dead weight for the hero?

Hot, sorta. Mid 80s. Too hot for the Gabster–I took her to her daycare place for their monthly Saturday get-together, and after a few minutes trotting about, she wedged beneath the bench I was sitting on and stayed put. After a little less than an hour, I gave up and brought her home. She’s currently outside, in the shade/cool grass, sacked out. She’ll perk up this evening, after the sun goes down.

Just saw a trailer for Red 2. That’s it–wanna go see Helen Mirren blow shit up.

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Spielberg's record is a *little* better when you look at what he's produced -- SMASH, on TV the last two seasons, and, um, THE COLOR PURPLE, going back years. And there are some of his directed films that don't have annoying screaming women (which isn't the same as having strong women). But, yeah.

And men who abandon their personal responsibilities are admirable.

Today, Raiders became one of those movies that I used to enjoy.
Yeah, I saw Helen do the slo-mo shoot out the window trick and wanted to see it immediately. LOL
I loved the woman in the first one - she was badass - right up until they made her put on a lacy dress, which apparently magically turned her into the classic useless screaming hank of uselessness. I walked out of the second one, so repulsed by the female character and her treatment I couldn't sit still for it beyond about twenty minutes. The third one, well, Sean Connery. Was there a woman in that one? *blush*

But no, it seems to me *someone's* view of women got hung up when he was about ten years old and has never gotten any farther.

Pat-pats for the Gabster. Hope she's doing OK.
Gaby was panting for a good 20 minutes after we left the shindig. I jacked up the A/C and blasted it at her, and she had improved by the time we got home. There was a cool breeze, but the sun was hot. From now on, if the temp edges much past 80F, it's inside in the coolth or outside in shade with zippo activity.

There's a list of Movies I Used to Love That I Can't Watch Anymore, and Raiders made the list today. Close Encounters made it several months ago, except for the parts with Francois Truffaut and all the scientists discovering stuff. Those parts are great.
I hadn't thought of Close Encounters for years, but from what I can remember, it was Yet Another Wife Who Refuses to Understand movie? Now that I think about it, that's so common, also, that I cannot help but be reminded of ten-year-old boys fuming because their moms Just Didn't Understand [fill in the blank with whatever stupid dangerous thing the boy wanted to do]. SO, yeah, Arrested Development isn't just a TV show. ( it only an online show now? I can't keep up with all this newfangled stuff.)
It wasn't just that Teri Garr refused to understand. It was that Richard Dreyfuss left his wife and children behind, with no back-up or other means of support. He just left, to go to the stars.

Dads can leave. Moms have to stay behind.

In my rewrite of the film, Melinda Dillon, Barry's mom, the artist, goes to the stars with her son. Richard Dreyfuss gets gassed on the mountainside.
Ah yes, I had forgotten that. And it was OK Because Adventure! And she (the wife) deserved to get dumped because she didn't understand. That was the part I remembered.

Yes! Barry and his mom would have LOVED it!
are there any Spielberg films where women are more than ancillary screamers/dead weight for the hero?

Um -- no. But, the hero gets to rescue them! Several times! You wimmins like to be rescued, right?*

(I still treasure Mirren on a .50...)


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