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Madison, with baby ducks

Took a short trip to Madison with fellow writer Jen Stevenson. Talked over plot problems with current wips. Hiked up and down State Street. Ate really good Japanese. Enjoyed glorious weather. Walked the trail along Lake Mendota and discussed crow lore. A restorative 24 hours.

On the lake

We also fed baby ducks.

Nothing better than baby ducks.

Nothing better than baby ducks.

Mirrored from Kristine Smith.

Years ago, I got to attend a week-long conference on the Univ. campus, right along Lake Mendota. I loved loved LOVED State Street, and I got to swim in the lake (but ooh the algae - I hope they've cleaned it up since then) AND go out in the Uni's limnology boat (we were a bunch of wetland biologists). Thanks for reminding me of that great week!
This is the first time I've visited in August. Summer crowd--you saw all the boats in the pic. Sailing lessons for little kids.

I didn't see any algae, but I might have missed it. Water looked pretty good. Saw the Limnology building, a spit from the lake's edge, as well as labeled plastic bottles bound together and bobbing beneath docks. Experiments.

State Street and the surrounding streets have enough restaurants to keep one busy, and full, for weeks.

I love Madison.