Peach chutney

I walked over to my neighbor’s the other day to return the empty peach basket, and he said “Don’t you want some more?” So I filled said basket again–5.5 pounds of mixed white and yellow. I wanted to make another batch of something different, and found a relatively simple recipe for chutney. I eat a lot of chicken, and thought a new type of sandwich spread/relish might be something nice to have around.

As usual, I tweaked. Used dark brown sugar instead of light. About 1/4 tsp salt instead of a pinch. A shallot and a small wedge of sweet onion instead of red onion.

I like a little heat, but not too much. So, I used two dried peppers. The bag wasn’t labeled–it just read “Dried Chili Peppers.” They’re about the size of my pinky and dark red, so I think they’re cayennes.

After blanching/peeling/pitting, I figured I wound up with a little under 5 pounds of usable peach. Because of that, and also because I found the white peaches a little tart, I bumped up the brown sugar from 1 2/3 cup to 2 cups.



I wound up with 7 half-pints, although the 7th is about half juice. I tried a little of it, and I really liked it. Just enough heat. Sweet, but not too. Nice bite from the ginger, and that special something from the cardamom. I’m planning on roast chicken for Sunday, and will try it then.

In other news, I will be at UW-Waukesha tomorrow for the Southeast Wisconsin Festival of Books. I have two programming items, a panel and a signing:

How a Book Gets Made (w/ Alex Bledsoe, John Klima, James Lowder, Steven H Silver)
Sat, 10:45 AM, N140

Signing Time: Sat 1:30 PM (according to the program pdf, signings are in the Commons Student Lounge)

Supposed to be a pretty nice day tomorrow, sunny and cool. Looking forward to the drive, and to seeing folks.

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I want to come to yoooooooooooooooour house and make jaaaaaaaaaam!
Do you do the full-bore sterilize the jars--actual canning? I really want to learn to do that, but I want to have a veteran canner with me for the first attempt.

This chutney is supposed to be good for 6 months in the fridge, which makes sense given the sugar and vinegar. I may try freezing a few jars. Unless it's really good and will therefore vanish quickly.

I boil the jars and lids in big pot and leave them in the simmering water until it's time to ladel the jam in, then finger-tighten the lids and turn them upside down to seal. I've never bothered with the post-fillling water bath thing. It's very easy and I've never had a jar go off.

I'm not one of the hardcore people who doesn't use pectin. I use Sure-Gel powdered pectin to make jam, and just follow the directions on their recipes. Except I'm pretty certain they've dramatically increased the sugar since I made jams last a decade or so ago, so I'm working on reducing the amount of sugar I put in. Their strawberry jam, for example, calls for 7 cups of sugar and I put in 5.5 last time I made some, which worked just fine. Their peach jam calls for...6 cups, I think. Pretty sure. And I'm pretty certain I used 4.5 cups. It's still *plenty* sweet in both cases.
Thanks--I'm going to save your directions. Not sure if I will make anything else this year--I would love a pear-ginger chutney that actually tastes like pears, but I need to eat this peach stuff first.