Mid-October. Leaves changing.

Ash trees going gold. Some reddening of the maples. Still a lot of green to be seen, but that may change over the next week given that nighttime lows will hit the 30s (F).

Raining. After a dry late summer, when my tomatoes and basil could have used it. Now, it means soggy leaves and a last-ditch growth spurt for the lawn. I’ll be mowing in November, I swear, especially if any type of warm spell follows all this rain.

House stuff continues. Completion of deck work has been delayed because of the weather. If worse comes to worse, we can wait until spring to finish, but I would love to get it done this year if possible. Come on, warm spell!

Did schedule basement guys for next week. This will be a major deal–issues not as serious as I thought, repairs straightforward (knock wood), and a warranty that transfers to whomever buys the place.

Next steps? I need to clear some junk out of the basement so the guys have an easier time getting to the walls. Right now, I’m at the point where if I think too much about all that needs doing, I feel overwhelmed, so. Baby steps. Clear the easy throwaways out of the basement. Clear out the closets–many are the pairs of old running shoes that could go to the recycle. There’s a healthy chunk of officewear that could go to a resale shop. A friend suggested an estate sale, which could eliminate a whole lotta stuff in one go.

Please, no one suggest ebay or yard sales. No time for the first and not enough patience for either.

I’ve discovered Pinterest, where I’m pinning ideas for the kitchen and bath. So far, I’ve avoided sinking too much time into it, though I can see how it can become a consumer of said time.

I’m also working my way through the Welcome to Night Vale podcast backlog. I think I’m only a year behind at this point. But I do know not to stare at the hooded figures in the Dog Park.

Do not enter the Dog Park.

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Most of our ash trees have dumped their leaves. The occasional nonconformist remains defiantly green.
My ash have turned, but they're still hanging onto most of the leaves. The oak are greeny-gold.

IIRC, last year the town extended leaf pickup to the end of November because the trees held onto their leaves for so long. It usually cuts off mid-month. I'm wondering if we're looking at the same possibility this year.
I'm not going anywhere but I've started to feel bogged down by all the 'stuff' in my house. So I'm slowly throwing stuff out. But I can't just toss it in the trash. Books MUST go to the library, etc. So yeah, it can be a slow process. But baby steps will definitely get it done. ;-)
I know I don't want to keep all my books. The newer ones could go to the local second hand store. I may check the library as well.