gold leaf


Lots of apples.

Last week, one of my neighbors gave me a shopping bag full of apples from their tree. 17 pounds worth.

Yesterday, I dealt with them. A couple quarts of applesauce. Apple crisp. Today, apple nut bread.

I recommend the crisp recipe. I did substitute white whole wheat flour for the all-purpose when making the crumbs, and added a couple tablespoons of wheat germ as well. The crumbs may have turned out a little dry as a result, but they do have a nice, nutty flavor.

Lots of cooking over the last week. Autumn food, Jacques Pepin’s tuna w/ pasta (best tuna casserole ever, imo, and yes, I add the raisins), butternut squash soup and maple-brined pork loin roast (result: a very juicy roast that tasted a bit like ham).

House stuff took up a lot of my time. The basement guys came and fixed the window wells and filled All The Cracks. I cleared lava rock from a patch next to the deck, and planted some shrubs. Raked leaves. Set up appointments for more estimates.

Downloaded Gimp, which is freeware photo manipulation software. I’ve heard that it’s difficult to learn, but I would like to use it and try my hand at ebook covers for some short stories. I can understand paying to have a novel cover made, but it’s a little more difficult to justify the expense for a short story. I’ll see how well I do. If it proves a disaster, I’ll look into alternative coverage.

Raining now. Cool, dreary autumn. Trees that were still mostly green seem to have changed over the last two days–maples are either vermilion or a gorgeous deep gold, like butterscotch. Oaks aren’t as flashy, all tarnished brass.

Some folks have already put up their Christmas decorations. That just staggers me. Not ready for that at all.

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Gimp and Inkscape
Gimp is very good for pixel level manipulation. The problem with Gimp is it pixelates if your try to expand your work. You may want to also consider playing with Inkscape, which is a free raster graphics program. With a raster based program you can expand or contract elements of your drawings without the pixelization effect; they scale cleanly.

Both Gimp and Inkscape have good tutorials on YouTube. Also, my daugther's an artist well versed in both, so if you get stuck with a particular problem, drop me a line and I can ask her.
Re: Gimp and Inkscape
Thanks! I just downloaded it, and will start to play around with it tonight.

If your daughter has any recs for guidebooks/manuals for either Gimp or Inkscape, I would appreciate them. Geared toward the rank beginner a must.
That apple crisp recipe looks really, really good. I'll be trying it.