May 3rd, 2008

release the penguins

The day, it continues

A very firm jiggle of the handle had silenced the toilet for the night, but usage this morning set it off again. Further attempts at jiggling handle didn't help--something is not seating properly, allowing the water to slowly trickle out of the tank and trigger the fill. Yes, according to all the handyman websites, this is an easy fix, but these websites do not use as examples 30+ year old toilets with tank innards made of Corrode. If it turns out to be just a flapper problem, I will be surprised.

Too much to do. Took King for a walk, then waited for Tree Guy who was supposed to arrive at 8am to look at rusty crabapples. At 830am, still no sign. Called Tree Guy, who was running behind, or had not yet gotten started, or something. Rescheduled for this evening. Called plumber and left message about back-up sump installation and other matters, including the toilet's new trick. Drove to hardware big boxes, purchasing pump, battery, and acid at #1 and 25 bags of lava rock at #2. Home, to find toilet still draining/noisy, but not as much. Jiggled handle again, and was rewarded with silence.

Waiting for passing showers to Pass, Already! Then will feed pups, and commence the raking of the backyard. I should make the first pass with King in the house to make sure I get the most obvious junk out of his way. He'll then be free to root out the less obvious junk, but not until he's had an hour or two to digest at least part of his lunch.

Saw nice orange landscape stone at BB#2 that was a closer match to my chimney brick and so much prettier than BRICK RED LAVA ROCK. Sighed heavily. Bought lava rock. Too far along to back out now.

And how is your Saturday? she asked through clenched teeth.
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Eight Belles

Son of a bitch.

Just before it started, I thought just let them all get through the race.

I used to love to watch horse racing, but I'm developing a serious aversion. It just seems like the horses can't take the pounding.
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The rest of the day

Raked the backyard in the cold&drizzle. Not the best idea, given that I'm still recovering, but I had to get it done today.

Two hours and four lawn bags later, I am fairly certain that I have eliminated the most obvious wood bits that Himself would find tasty. In the process, I also gathered lots of branches and pine needles and other winter wreckage. I then let HRH loose in the yard for the first time in several days--he dashed about, danced around with some toys, and grabbed a bite of something that may have been a bit of dirt with a bit of mulch. There are still fragments out there, but the ones I did find were pretty sodden and very soft. If he eats one of those, not too concerned. Not too concerned about a bite here or there. I was worried about big pieces, and I think I got all those visible above ground.

Tree Guy came. Crabapples will be sprayed over the next several weeks.

Toilet has behaved since this morning. I am assuming, however, that this episode served as a warning shot across my bow.

Polidori Chocolates arrived. I tried the Truffaldino and the bonus Marshmallow with a cup of coffee, and they were both very very good. I'm reluctant to try any more until my taste comes back 100%, because it isn't fair to the chocolate.

The sun finally emerged late in the day. More sun tomorrow. First will come a quick round of grocery shopping, followed by a date with 25 bags of lava rock and a roll of landscape cloth.
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