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Give an orphaned snippet a home

Welp, here's the link. Let me know if you want to see more. I'll leave the polling open for a couple of weeks.

Yes, I know I only have one choice--I'm pretty much only interested in how many folks would want to read the rest of the story. I have a general idea of the number of votes that would constitute a floor. While I don't think--famous last words--that this story would expand to fill all known space as Incident did, it would still take some work.

UPDATE: I've been informed that unless one has an LJ account, one can't reply to the poll. I think, however, that you can leave a comment--I still allow anony comments--so you can let me know that way.

UPDATE the SECOND: So far, I have about 16 17 18 19 votes to continue the story

Poll #949226 Snippet poll

Should Kris finish the story?

Yes, please!
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