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One More Detour on the Writing Road

My hair is stuck in Chapter 8

Kristine Smith
4 July
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I write books. I work a day job. I have two dogs and a money pit home.

A little more information...

I'm the author of the Jani Kilian series: Code of Conduct (1999), Rules of Conflict (2000), Law of Survival (2001), Contact Imminent (2003), and Endgame (2007), which is the final book in the series.

All five books are now available in a two-omnibus set from the Science Fiction Book Club. They have also been Kindled, and are available in other e-formats as well.

Won the New Writer Campbell in 2001.

The Jani Kilian novella Incident on a Small Colony, which appeared in the December '06 issue of Jim Baen's Universe online magazine, is now available through Anthology Builder, a new site that allows you to pick from a variety of short works and artwork and build your own anthology. It is also available for reading or download (pdf format) from my website.

A lighter fantasy short story, "8 rms, full bsmt", appears in an anthology entitled Misspelled, edited by Julie Czerneda and published by DAW.

As for the future, writing projects, Sekrit and otherwise, are ongoing. Updates as events warrant.

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